Jersey Oyster

Project : Shellfish processing unit, Field 545A, La Rue de la Sente Maillard, Grouville

Design Proposal :
This open plan shellfish, processing unit has been created using a laminated timber structure imported from France. The development proposals were under significant time constraints as the lease on the client’s original facilities were due to expire shortly and it was essential that this development was completed on time to ensure the continued commercial operation of our clients business.
The size and scale of the development was determined through an analysis of all the client’s operational requirements to ensure that any operations externally were kept to a minimum due to noise pollution considerations. Internally the building is split into sections, which accommodate the different requirements for the Oysters and Mussels. Facilities include tractor unloading bays, graders, UV filtration units, chiller storage, packaging and an office administration  / visitor area.

Status :

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